Data-Specialists Incorporated


Experts in Custom Market Research   

DSI has a track record of successfully distilling the complex into the understandable and providing our clients with a clear picture of their customers and their brands.  We are more than just information providers, we are a collaborative partner committed to getting you the answers you need to make key strategic decisions swiftly and confidently.

Custom, agile research

We offer an array of scalable methods, techniques, and approaches delivering results at the speed of now.  We are not wedded to one solution platform, rather we have an extensive toolbox at our fingertips, so we can apply the right tool to yield the best solution.  We employ methods that bring you closer to customers, where ever they are in the world and whatever they are doing – on the go, in the moment, at the point of purchase.  We can take you there. Learn more >>>>

Deep, impactful insights.

We are committed to designing custom solutions that address your specific business goals.  Each research project has its own unique characteristics, and our design solutions are developed accordingly, employing proven methodologies, often in creative ways.  Our agile project approach provides the flexibility needed to achieve clear, actionable results. Learn more >>>>

Vast, Timely Methods

Storytelling is at the core of what we do.  We have a deep appreciation for the fact that brands invest heavily in telling their own story, so we strive to tell research stories in the context of the whole picture.  We employ a multidisciplinary approach to our analysis, applying the best marketing sciences techniques, latest technologies, and second source data, when possible, to bring consumer insights to life. Learn more >>>>