Data-Specialists Incorporated

Deep Impactful insights

Insights Needed T o Succeed

Our clients rely on us to provide the insights needed to succeed in a highly complex competitive environment.  We employ a variety visualization tools to bring consumers insights to life from real-time dashboards to bio-metrics.  Multivariate statistics and second source data (e.g., transactional, customer database) are often utilized to provide further insights.   

Some of the multivariate approaches we have used to provide clarity and strengthen the research story are:

  • TURF (Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency)
  • Regression/correlations
  • Opportunity mapping (White space)
  • Conjoint/Discrete-choice
  • MaxDiff/Isotherm
  • Clustering/Segmentation
  • Drivers/Factors
  • KANO
  • Path modeling
  • Van Westendorf/Gabor Granger

Visualization Solutions 

  • Eye tracking
  • Facial/emotion coding
  • Ad rater
  • Heat maps
  • Static graphs/real-time dashboards